Satsang 10-24-2015 #2
A photo of Sharada Ma’s Satsang group, 2015

I am so blessed to have Sharada Ma in my life! When I first met her, she told me that the master comes into the pupil’s life at the perfect time. And after spending just a little time with her, I knew that not only was she correct, that she was the person chosen by God to guide me to my Self and total enlightenment. She blends her Hindu wisdom with her Americanized wit, and the result is a joy to be with and behold. She is a gifted listener, teacher, and healer, who seems to know the answers before I even ask the questions. I love and adore this woman, whose petite stature belies the spiritual powerhouse within.

– Christine Haden
Rancho Penasquitos, CA

I have had the honor and privilege of knowing, working and being in the presence of SharadaMa.  A friend described her to me “as the living embodiment of Divine Mother”  and I would certainly agree!  Her humility, compassion, straightforward truthfulness and humor make it easy to take in and absorb what she has to share and teach.
SharadaMa is a gifted teacher and healer.  Each encounter I have with her leaves me feeling blessed, enriched with healing and Grace.
Deepaa Maria Mazzi

I was introduced to Sharada Ma nine months ago. Fate had me hosting a Satsang in my home and she was the Guru. I didn’t know what a Satsang was and did not consider myself a “seeker”. From the moment I set eyes on her, I knew my life was going to change. SharadaMa teaches through her lifetime of experiences, never telling you what your journey will be like. Her gentle voice belies the power of the energy that flows from her.

I was unaware, attempting to control all and believed that I was fully living my life. I had no knowledge of non-duality, had never read the Bhagavad Gita and did not know of Ramana Maharshi’s teachings. I continued to attend Sharada Ma’s Satsangs and began private sessions. Sharada Ma’s transmission of Grace is the most profound experience of my life. The Divine Mother’s love and the Lord’s powerful energy flow from her and permeate every cell in my body. Each session is unique, infused with love of Self and deep healing.

I experienced a gradual, steady realization that all I knew was a story, one I created and starred in as my “little self”. Sharada Ma taught me a heart-centered meditation; she taught me the importance of surrendering to the Lord. I moved into non-duality last summer. It has had a profound impact on both my personal and professional lives. I no longer put effort into “doing.” The work just gets done. I am experiencing very little stress, and situations that caused irritation now unfold with detached observation. I experienced unconditional love for the first time in my life.

Sharada Ma sees all as the Self. Her sole desire is to have her students come home. She radiates peace, love and joy. While Sharada Ma had shown me our meeting was preordained, I feel so blessed that the Lord and Divine Mother guided me to her. She is my Guru, my dearest one, my Mother, my Self.

Gayle Fisher

Sharada, has THE SECRET” to reveal “who you are.” This will be so fast, that pretty soon, you will not be able to remember who you were.

To have access to Her SECRET, the only thing you have to do is to SURRENDER. That is the openness that will bring you finally home. Only a teacher who is HOME can bring you there. Layer by layer, she will peel you like an onion. The remaining will be just you in non duality. That’s it. Simple.

“I do not know how to find my self, I do not know how to merge, I do not know the art of surrender, I do not know the practices of austerities. Oh Mother, so you are my refuge and my only refuge.”  Adi Shankaracharya

Om Sharada Ma.

– Suma “I was lost and She found me”

To be in the presence of a saint is gift of grace. I’d yearned for that, but figured I’d have to go to India with a suitcase full of luck. To my surprise, a friend invited me to Satsang with Sharada Ma in my own hometown.

The moment Sharada Ma walked into the room, my mind went quiet. She looked into my eyes and all I felt was love. For the rest of the gathering, my normally-active mind was still and I was immersed in the joy of being. Sharada Ma holds such deep silence, knowledge and love, her teachings, Grace Transmissions and presence guide me into that space within myself. Through Sharada Ma, I have come to realize my own nature, the deep peace within. No worldly thing can compare.

After meditating with Sharada Ma over the past year, the repetitive or judgmental thought stream is an occasional trickle. I feel at home in my body and in the world, as I no longer seek contentment from passing circumstances. It’s a tremendous blessing to be with a female Guru. Sharada Ma is nurturing yet strong, gentle and fierce in her devotion to guiding each sincere seeker home to their true Self. Ma offers simple practices and straight-forward wisdom. She has a playful wit, which cracks us up and cracks us open. If you have the chance to meet Sharada Ma, run, skip, jump and leap your way there.


During a Satsang with Sharada Ma, from the moment she said let’s begin, I started shaking and crying, a feeling of excitement got stronger and stronger and the thought “I’m finally going home” came to my mind. It’s not that I was going to leave this body… I was returning home while still in my body. When the meditation finished, I thought the shaking and crying would stop but I was wrong. I couldn’t hide my emotions anymore and the crying became louder. Sharada Ma looked at me for a few minutes until she opened her arms. She hugged me and I cried in her arms like a baby.

My life has never been the same since that day, I feel complete. I feel supported and guided. Life doesn’t stop when you’re one with Self; it changes. I still get frustrated or anxious because the process is not over yet. When that happens, I sit down or just stop, breath and I remember who I really am. Peace settles in and I feel complete again.


Sharada Ma brings a sacredness and sincerity to those she touches. In her presence is experienced both humanness and transcendence. She is a soft gentle light that shows the way with no pretense, a conduit of Divine Mother guiding those who earnestly seek. I have been gifted in this life by her grace and presence.

Elizabeth Talcott
Doctor in Acupunture.

Poetry on Sharada Ma by Usha:


Sharada Ma,
Whose Heart beats in rhythm
With the Divine, calls out to all
“Come Home!”


Sands of ego
Laid bare by the Wisdom
Of sweet Sharada Ma expose
The Self.


Watch this
Orange and white
Spiritual windstorm
Blow your mind to smithereens then
You’re One!


Drawn close
By the Silence
That flowed with each step Ma
Took toward this one, I knew I
Was caught.


Glimpses of Truth
Peppered this one’s life
‘Til Sharada Ma opened wide
The Door!


So bright
Is this place since
The arrival of this
Gift from Formless, sweet Sharada –


In wonderment
And awe of the Truth of
Self revealed through Sharada Ma
Am I.

RISE UP –  poem by Shervin Hojat

Everything upside down
Hanging on a thread
Nothing to hold on but my faith
All familiar are faint memories
All unknown are now familiar
Up and down of waves of change
Coming to surface what was hidden
Deep fears
Self-sabotaging beliefs
From distant times and places
Forced to notice what is real
And what is transitory
No time to wallow the past
No energy to control the future
It only delays my inevitable destiny
Rise up rays of faith and strength within
Shine your light and warmth
In the dark night of soul
Destroy molds of doubt and fear
Bring me everlasting truth and love

Copyright @2018 by Shervin Hojat